Last week City Garage hosted two all-star events; Startup Soiree and Baltimore Bike Party.

On October 29, 2015, City Garage opened its doors to Startup Soiree, an organized monthly meetup focused on creating meaningful conversations among business founders and leaders within the local startup community.

The theme of the evening, A Q&A Discussion on Bootstrapping, was driven by Greg Cangialosi, Betamore’s Chairman & Co-Founder. Greg also serves as CEO of Mission Tix, Co-Chair of the Baltimore Angels, and formerly of Blue Sky Factory.


Greg led the discussion on self-funding your startup, sharing his own personal experiences as an entrepreneur along the way. Throughout the talk and open Q&A, the crowd at City Garage was electric. This meetup became the largest Startup Soiree event to date!

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Guests took to the Twittersphere to share their excitement with the world.


On October 30, 2015, Baltimore Bike Party took their after-ride event from the city streets to City Garage!

Baltimore Bike Party is an organization that encourages participants of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to get out and get active on group bike rides all over the city. On the last Friday of every month, BBP organizes a mass bike ride and after-ride event aimed to increase the love of biking and Baltimore. The group stays together in a slow pace and follows a different route every month.

This month, City Garage became home to their after-ride event which featured a DJ, photo booth and food trucks. This was the first year the after-ride event had been held indoors. Their goal was to accommodate more riders than ever and to introduce them to Port Covington.

As this month’s event fell on Halloween weekend, the crew came in costume, dressed to the nines.

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Stay tuned for more events coming to City Garage! We hope to see you at the next one!