Here at City Garage, we believe that every detail matters. From the cinderblock walls to the reclaimed wooden furniture, every piece of this reconstructed Baltimore city bus depot has been finely engineered by craftsmen in our country to reflect what it means to be “Made in America.”

Every detail you’ll notice upon entering our space has an intention, a story behind it. This blog series, Behind The Scenes, will pull you in for a closer look at each of these details and their stories.

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On February 7, 1817, a gas lamp was erected and lit on the corner of Market Street and Lemon Street right here in Baltimore, Maryland. This lone lamp was the first gas lamp to be erected in the United States. “The Gas-Light Company of Baltimore,” the group responsible for hoisting this lamp, was the first gas utility company in the United States and shortly after its conception, secured a franchise to light the homes and streets of all of Baltimore.

gas lampUpon the redesign and reconstruction of City Garage, the CG team was faced with the decision of how to light the great hall of Main Street. Rather than choosing a modern LED option or traditional workspace fluorescent, the team considered a choice with a more vintage, old-fashioned feel. One option, the Edison Bulb, proved a top contender given the ambient glow and antique-style appearance it would add to the space.

Enter: The Gas-Light Company of Baltimore. The gas lamp not only provides the vintage feel the CG team was searching for, it also provides a warm ambient glow meant to welcome all those who enter.

At its core, City Garage strives to illuminate all things Maryland-centric; to foster an appreciation for the things which make Baltimore unique.  What better way to do this than to utilize a light famous to Baltimore?

It is for this reason that lit gas lamps perch above each and every maker’s space doorway down Main Street in City Garage.

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